by Celes A. Gianan, DD, PhD
More than 2000 years ago, Christ was given birth. With the birth of Christ came forth the birth of Christianity. With the birth of Christianity shines forth the LIFE of Christ through which Christ Himself instructs and declares to HUMANITY, saying, “You are the SALT of the earth (Ref. Matthew 5:13), You are the LIGHT of the world (Ref. Matthew 5:14). Thus, in the knowledge and wisdom of God, HUMANITY takes center stage in the world. For, indeed, this was how God the Creator in and from the beginning of creation treated MAN. He created MAN in a fashion that befitted His vision and mission for MAN.
The creation of MAN started when God drew dust from the clay, then, breathed into his nostrils the BREATH OF LIFE and MAN became alive with BREATH (Ref. Genesis 2: 7). After God equipped MAN with the BREATH OF LIFE, He took and placed MAN in the garden (Ref. Genesis 2: 15a) “To till it and take care of it” ( Ref. Genesis 2: 15b). God further equipped MAN with an INSTRUCTION that said, “You may eat of every tree in the garden (Ref. Genesis 2: 16) but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you will not eat, for on the day you eat of it, you will die” (Ref. Genesis 2: 17). God, in His great concern for MAN, further said, “It is not good for MAN to be alone; I will give him a helper who will be like him. And it became so when God caused a deep sleep to come over MAN and he fell asleep and God took one of his ribs and filled its place with flesh (Ref. Genesis 2: 21) and formed into a woman and brought her to the MAN (Ref. Genesis 2: 22). And MAN became excited and delighted as he acclaimed, “This is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken from man” (Ref. Genesis 2:23). Thus, came the completion of HUMANITY, one that has become subject to FALL and REDEMPTION. But, because of God’s wonderful vision-mission for MAN, He restored the original design and status of MAN being created in the LIKENESS of Him when He did away the original sin that destroyed this LIKENESS. God did this ONCE FOR ALL when Christ, His only begotten Son, entered once and for all into the sanctuary having obtained DEFINITIVE REDEMPTION (Ref. Hebrews 9:12). God had succeeded in doing so the product of which is HUMANITY RESTORED. And, thus, HUMANITY can NOW acclaim, “We do not anymore belong to a FALLEN HUMANITY, we now belong to a REDEEMED HUMANITY – a CLAIM that should echo a resounding VOICE in ALL PLACES, at ALL TIMES, and for ALL PEOPLES. This, indeed, is the FRUIT of CHRISTIANITY that the whole of HUMANITY must ENJOY and REJOICE with.
This FRUIT of CHRISTIANITY, which is SEASONED, must be remembered, commemorated, and celebrated in each and every SEASON being calendared in the LITURGICAL LIFE of the Church NOT to KEEP a generation of SEASONAL Christians but to let SHINE a communion of SEASONED Christians this world eagerly awaits for.
Paul, the Apostle, reminds us in his letter to the Romans 8:18-19, saying, “I consider that the suffering of our present life cannot be compared with the glory that will be revealed and given to us. All creation is eagerly expecting the birth in glory of the children of God”. Yes, what our world is expecting NOW and in the YEARS to come are, namely, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and PROMOTION OF LIFE-FORMS, POLITICAL CREDIBILITY and POWER OF LIFE, ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY and ABUNDANCE OF LIFE, CULTURAL INTEGRITY and WELLNESS OF LIFE, INDUSTRIAL ADAPTABILITY and COMPETENCE OF LIFE, ECOLOGICAL CREATIVITY and PRESERVATION OF LIFE which ONLY SEASONED CHRISTIANS can do and could provide … Christians rightly called SONS and DAUGHTERS of God.
Can we afford to see a perpetuation and a re-occurrence of what exactly is the OPPOSITE of what I have lined up from the just-mentioned dimensions of LIFE in the local as well as global sphere?
As CHRISTIANS, can we not come to terms with and live out the spirit SEASONED CHRISTIANITY offers and shows and cease being and becoming SEASONAL?
Contextually, in this globalized-globalizing world, a world that is experiencing the outbreak and breakthrough of COVID 19, how are we responding to human lives being infected, affected, and extinguished by this deadly virus? Are we responding to as SEASONED or SEASONAL Christians?
Which are we and where are we, NOW? Are we a SALT of the EARTH, LIGHT of the WORLD, as envisioned of us and declared by our Lord Jesus Christ?
Or, are we in EXISTENCE that only causes DISARRAY demonstrating to the world a PANDEMIC, PANORAMIC VIEW of a SEASONED CHRISTIANITY with SEASONAL CHRISTIANS?
Come … Think … Reflect
God loves us all. – bpceles

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