May 11, 2022

Greetings and blessings, Brothers and Sisters.

I strongly believe in PRAYER as RELATION addressed and lifted up to God and its impact, particularly and at this stage, to the life and journey of our FILIPINO NATION. “Staying CALM, Being STILL, Doing RIGHT” is what we most need for the SPIRIT OF TRUE PEACE to take its course, shape and be instrumental in RE-FRESHING and in RE-DIRECTING our FILIPINO NATION to the PATH and GOAL God is leading us to.

We humbly PRAY that this EMERGING LEADERSHIP brought about by our recent 2022 ELECTION would, by the help of the grace of God, bring forth the CONVERGING of all sectors in our nation, inclusively, both from the STATE and CHURCH, aimed at bringing all of us Filipinos to WELLNESS and FULLNESS in life, the kind of LIFE our Lord intends as inscribed in John 10:10, which says, “I have come that you may have LIFE and have that LIFE in ABUNDANCE”.

We pray for this CONVERGENCE of all sectors in our nation with the belief that it is high time for us to break the WALL OF SEPARATION that may seem to exist between and among sectors in our society and which seems to exist too between Church and State and give way to the PATH that would help us see very clearly a DISTINCTION OF JURISDICTION, not WALL OF SEPARATION, that, indeed, exists between CHURCH and STATE.

A “One Filipino Nation”, in its truest sense, should be devoid of any concept and/or elements indicative and demonstrative of “SEPARATION”.

Rather, a “One Filipino Nation” should be filled with healthy patterns promotive of respecting DISTINCTION OF JURISDICTION and its corresponding RIGHTS and OBLIGATIONS to be exercised for the COMMON GOOD. Only in this way, our ONE FILIPINO NATION, a composite of Church and State, can move on and work properly and justly for the GREATEST and HIGHEST GOOD of its citizenry.

Brothers and Sisters, we, then, continue to keep our beloved FILIPINO NATION in prayer. God loves us all.

In Christ,
Celes A. Gianan, DD, PhD

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